Life of a police officer| work & life of a policeman| work or life of a police constable

 Life of a police officer| work & life of a policeman| work or life of a police constable

work & life of a policeman| Life of a police officer| work or life or police constable|police ka jivan |police ka karya
police surveillance
Hello friends, today this article is written about the life of a policeman in India. In India, a policeman faces many difficulties during their service. When someone thinks about joining the job of a policeman, then they find it very attractive. They do not know the real ground reality of the police job, how much difficult this job is, but after joining to the police job, they come to know that ground reality of police job completely different as compare to thinking phenomena. There are no certain timings to perform on the job. Daily duty of this job is not fixed. The job of the police is like an emergency job, there is no fixed time for work. You have to perform night and day duty; different types of work performed by the police different types of occasion.
If you come to join the police department with the passion not accidentally; then this job is best for you. In this job, you live in direct contact with the public and if you want to do something special for the public, you can wipe the tears of the public. I can say with the challenge, that you will not get any job in which you have such a wide variety of works to serve the people. The job of the police is to resolve the complaints, and grievances of the public. You can do something beautiful for the society, the public, and the country by doing wonderful work. You have something to do with which you can get a great honour in the eyes of society by doing a great job.

Police job and his work

This is one of the primary functions of the police. Police enforce that there is no fight in any place; Peace prevails everywhere, police perform many duties as VIP Duty, Fair Duty, Post-mortem Duty, etc. to maintain law and order in the society. Law and order have too many wide concepts of police. Police do their work for maintaining law and order and peace.
work & life of a policeman| Life of a police officer| work or life or police constable| police ka jiban|police ka karya
police work


In most countries, the detection of crime is the responsibility of the Police. Crime detection falls into three distinguishable phases: the discovery that a crime has been committed, the identification of a suspect, and the collection of sufficient evidence to indict the suspect before a court.
Crime prevention is the process to reduce and deter crime and criminal. It is applied specifically to efforts made by governments to reduce crime, enforce the law, and maintain justice.
The criminal investigation is the study of facts, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. A complete criminal investigation can include-
  • Searching
  • Interviews
  • Interrogation
  • Evidence

Duty time of the police

Duty hours are not set in the police job; usually, all government department does only 8 hours a day but police department do minimum more than 12 hours a day and in an emergency more than 24 hours a day. If there is an incident in the area, it is the responsibility of the police officer in that area. Because of this, the police have to be active on the night and day. The police have to their duty it does not matter there is a storm or cold, hot or flooded, do hard work in the society at all times. Those people who are lazy and who want to serve their jobs in peace, this job is not exactly for them.


Police job is considered to be a very difficult and challenging job. There is no doubt that the job of the police is very difficult and there is a lot of job hardness in this job, but this cannot be denied that the job of a police officer is a respectable job. You can get rid of the sadness of the people in this job. You can get the huge love and respect in this society from this job, like First lady IPS Kiran Vedi, Mr KPS Gill, Mr Ajit Doval etc.

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