About us

About us

Hello Visiter!  Police Job is very challenging and in the upcoming future, this will be more challenging. In India, many dear citizens do not know how to lodge a complaint or fir, how to file an RTI application before the police department. In this blog, I will try my hardest to share my experience with the police department. I'm certainly not an expert, but I’ll try my hardest to explain what I do know and research what I don't know.

About Blog

your destination to Learn about police workings, police records & registers, first information report, online fir, online complaint, police recruitment & training, RTI act, Police laws, and CBI Training etc on yourpoliceguide.com.              

About Me 

My name is Mehtab Singh Chauhan, I am a Police officer by profession and passionate Blogger. I am the blog owner/ author of yourpoliceguide.com. I have done MA (Political science) from Rohikhand University, Bareilly and MBA (HR & Finance) from Galgotia Educational Institutions, Greater Noida.

Mehtab Singh Chauhan | Mehtab Singh | Mehtab Singh Chauhan Owner of yourpoliceguide.com | Mehtab Singh Chauhan- Owner of yourpoliceguide | Mehtab Singh- Owner of yourpoliceguide.com | Mehtab Singh- Owner of yourpoliceguide
My goal is to promote awareness about police workings, online complaint, online f.i.r, right to information act, police recruitment & training, police motivational stories, police laws, the crime against a woman like dowry harassment, rape, CBI training and major criminal act & law etc to dear citizens of the country.
My dear father Shri Charan Singh Chauhan (Ex-Army) taught and motivated me, how to tackle odd circumstances in life, he nurtured me as I am.

My dear nephew Mr Kuldeep Chauhan, a software engineer by profession huge motivated me to create a blog. He is a web developer, outstanding motivator, oracle tutor, entrepreneur and owner of two websites ikleo.in and oracleappsguide.com.