IAS Varun Kumar Baranwal success story, tire puncture shop to IAS officer | Mr Varun Kumar Baranwal Journey to becoming the IAS (2013) batch from Tire Puncture Shop

IAS Varun Kumar Baranwal success story, tire puncture shop to IAS officer | Mr Varun Kumar Baranwal Journey to becoming the IAS (2013) batch from Tire Puncture Shop

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Such a story can inspire anyone. A person who lives in poverty, whose father runs a tire puncture shop, and after his death, all the responsibility of the house comes upon him; in such circumstances, he not only put his hard work but also achieves 32nd rank in the toughest exam in India, got IAS, the most difficult exam in the country. Yes, we are talking about Mr Varun Baranwal, who after experiencing extraordinary circumstances succeeded in the spectacular examination of the IAS.

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Family and Mr Varun Kumar Baranwal

He belongs to Boisar, District Palghar in Maharashtra. His father used to run the cycle shop of Bicycles repairing. He has two brothers and two sisters. When he was in class 10th, his examination of 10th exam ended on March 21, 2006. On March 24, 2006, his father died of a heart attack. Due to being the eldest of all the sisters and brother in the house, the responsibility of the house had come up to them. But the coincidence of the time came when the result of 10th declared, he had topped in his school. His mind was to run Papa's shop so that it could handle the responsibility of the house. When his mother saw this result, she asked him to study further and asked to handle the responsibility of the shop itself, but for further studies, Rs 10,000 was required, then he refused to study further. The doctor who treated his father in the way of luck was going to get his son admission, then the doctor Shaw his mother and him on Bicycles repairing shop, the doctor went near and asked, I have heard about your Papa, it is very sad, tell your studies. His mother told the doctor about her circumstances. The doctor gave him Rs. 10,000 for admission, with this money, he took his admission. His elder sister and he both used to take responsibility for the family by teaching tuitions.

Education and Mr Varun  Kumar Baranwal

He had got 89% marks in the 10th examination. He had secured second place in his city and first place in the school. After 12th, he prepared for engineering examination and went to MIT for engineering. He told that his education fees are either filled by their friends or teachers. In the first year of engineering studies, he had a university top, received 86% marks, at that time it was a university record. At that time scholarship took too much time to arrive, when his teachers came to know about the circumstances of his home, then his teachers and friends filled up the fees for the further semesters.

"The 11th and the 12th were the hardest days of life. My schedule was such that he woke up at 6 am in the morning, went to school at 7 o'clock to 1 pm in the afternoon, then used to teach from 2 pm to 10 p.m. My elder sister taught at school and after coming from school she also taught tuitions. I used to go to the shop after 10 pm. By accounting of shop, came home and then used to study. "                                - Mr Varun Baranwal

    After engineering, the selection was done in the MNC Company Delloite. His friends advised to prepare for the Indian Engineering Service but some friends advised for UPSC preparation. When he made up his mind to prepare for the UPSC, his mother wished him to join the MNC's job to earned money immediately, but he had made his mind preparing for UPSC. His mother remained angry with him for a long time for not joining MNC job. He became the IAS officer for the first time attempt in the UPSC examination in the year 2013. He took political science optional subject in mains exam in UPSC; he got 32nd rank in the examination.

"When I was selected for the IAS, my mother was the happiest one. If I am an IAS today, then it is my mother's hard work in it. My friends and teachers have made an unforgettable contribution to me today. "
                                       Mr Varun Baranwal

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