How is police job | Police officer Carrier | Police Recruitment Plan

How is police job | Police officer Carrier | Police Recruitment Plan

How is police job | Police officer Carrier | Police Recruitment Plan

Hello Friends, today I will tell you about the functioning of the police, how the police work. Those candidates who want to be the recruit in the police, and who want to know about the police how the police work, then this article will tell you how the police work. For the candidates who want to be recruited in the police, it is important to know about the real job of the police and the routine of the police is so that they can make their mind that before recruitment in the police, then let's start the topic----
There is two aspects of police job: one positive, second negative-

The image of police in society and family ... positive aspects

Talking about the positive aspects of the police, the job of the police gives great respect to the society because of the abundance of challenges. By doing the police job, the person also takes good respect from society along with the family. Political persons in India do their politics through police. For example, if a person becomes ill and a relative can not visit the hospital to see him, he can tolerate it but he can not do this if he gets the police and does not come to see or help him. During the job of the police, there is a great deal of importance to the very important people, who help a lot later.

The Police Duty Timings In Uttar Pradesh And The Many States In India

Police jobs usually require 12 hours of duty in Uttar Pradesh and many other states too, but 12 hours are just names. Police Regulation in Uttar Pradesh, the police force has been looted for 24 hours. The police have to work for 7 days or they do not get any weekly leave. By the way, the police get 30 days of earned leave and 30 days of casual leave in one year but practically, the police have to face difficulties in getting the leave.

The Police Duty Types

The police have to do a lot of duty in law and order duty, the duty of post-mortem duty, accused arresting duty, VIP duty, peace arrangement duty, patrolling duty etc. Duty is preferred to the police, not the holiday or any other personal work. For this reason, there is a lot of mental stress in the police nowadays. The duty of the police remains on the night and day shifts.

Whether the flood or the storm and the rain the police have to do their works.when Public sleeps then the police wake up for patrolling. Because of the police, people sleep in their homes. The duty of the police becomes very difficult because of this because those who are good at reading and wanting to move forward, then they should come after thinking of the above so that they can come only after making their plan.

Mental stress by police duty

How many police personnel are leaving the job recently. Now, there has been several examples of suicide in mental stress and even killing of senior police officers. The reason for this problem is: do not get discharged from time to time, do not give time to family, do not get time to eat food, the mental pressure of duty and do not get timely leave as required. For this reason, the job of the police quickly fills the mind to give up and many people leave the job and do some other work, seek some other job. Many people do not leave the job, but the people of the house assimilate such an environment or impose on themselves.

Challenges before the police

We all read in the newspapers that a little girl has been raped, she is dead. Just because criminal techniques is getting advanced, the crime is going on a lot through cyber use and there is a lot of change in the ways of crime. When we see crime patrols on TV, we understand how much technology has become the basis of crime. Due to this, many challenges are increasing in the face of the police. The police will have to take very high tech to deal with them. Due to this, there is a lot of increase in police duty. Crime related to women is increasing. Due to this, the government is also trying to prevent women's crime in the country,1098 is established for woman helps in Uttar Pradesh and 100 dial also on government top priority. Gradually, there is a large number of recruitment of women in the State Police and Center too in the para-military police.


Those people who want to be admitted to the police, then surely the candidates should think the above said. Because the number of police and the comparison of the population of our country, the population of our country is very high and the number of relative police is quite low, so the demand for 8 hours of the police force can not be met after many guidelines given by the honourable supreme court. Some states and Delhi have an eight-hour duty, but in Uttar Pradesh, etc. it is also a dream. Police have to do duties more than 12 hours every day due to a considerable reduction in the proportion of the population of police as compared to the population of India or Indian states. Police do not get any weekly off due to this, nor any gazetted holiday with leave or without leave.

Those people who wish to do the job of the police, they should be mentally prepared to join the police because after getting the job there is little bit chance to prepare for another uplift examinations. Those who want to do a full-time job, they should only do this job. Full time making mind police personnel do their job with fun.
Hope you like the article.
These articles will help people who want to be admitted to the police department. thanks.
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