Success Story Of Vijay Gurjar, Constable to IPS (Indian Police Service)

Success Story Of Vijay Gurjar, Constable to IPS (Indian Police Service)    

 Success Story Of Mr Vijay Gurjar, Constable to IPS (Indian Police Service), how Vijay Gurjar become Constable to IPS
IPS Mr Vijay Gurjar
This is the story of that person who has travelled from the police constable to the IPS. His name is Mr Vijay Gurjar. Mr Vijay Gurjar is a resident of Jhunjhunu in a district of Rajasthan. His father's name is Laxman Singh. His father is a farmer and he lives in the village. His brought up was done in a simple family in the village, but it was from childhood to do something good in his mind. He showed that there is no substitute for hard work. If a man comes to his stubbornness, then he can find everything. He has taken 5 exams for IPS and selected for the 5th time for IPS. Along with doing his duty, he used to spend 10 hours a day for studies and their studies have not only brought their hard work dream cum true but have inspired many people in the country. 

  Carrier and Education

He says that there are so many thorns on the way, but if decided, then the destination can easily be reached. His education initiation was quite normal. He got  55% in 10th and 67% in 12th. Due to the condition of the house, her father asked to find a job. He started preparing for competitive examinations. In June 2010, he was selected to the rank of constable in Delhi Police. He was engaged in continuous preparation. In December 2010, he was selected to the Delhi police Sub Inspector. In Delhi, during police job, he got very little time to prepare, but in December 2012, he was selected for Central Excise Inspector. Meanwhile, Trivandrum, Kerala, has been deployed for posting. Where he worked from January 2013 to January 2014. Again he passed the SSC examination, now he has been selected as the Income Tax Inspector. He worked in Delhi till January 2014.
Constable in Delhi Police

June 2010
Sub-Inspector in Delhi police
December 2010
Central excise inspector
January 2013 to January 2014
Income tax inspector
January 2014
IPS selection
July 2018

Inspired/ motivational story of IPS Mr Vijay Gurjar from Constable to an IPS | Mr vijay journey from constable to ips

Dream to become an IPS officer, Mr Vijay was engaged in preparing for civil service, In the year 2016, he reached the interview but left from 8 marks. This was his third attempt. In the fifth attempt in 2018, he was selected for IPS. He was selected with Sanskrit literature. He says that he has been done  ”Shashtri” in Sanskrit.
Eventually, Mr Vijay got what he deserved. He proved that hard workers never lose. One day hard worker get what they want to achieve. Gujjar society honoured him in Noida due to his success in an IPS. He not only inspired the people of Gujjar community but also people of the entire country. Many Vijay will be born by inspiring from him in the coming times.

mock interview link of Mr Vijay Gurjar the vision IAS

Some of the inspired lines are right-

"Troubles try the intentions of the heart,
 The screen of the dream is removed from the eyes,
Do not be defeated, O Musafir,
Difficulties teach humans to walk"

Mr Vijay Gurjar after his success in IPS says this-

                      "Lack of resources and less resource can never stop Vijay Chariot. It is of course that due to the lack of resources it takes time to get success. My mother Chanda Devi and wife Sunita continued to keep on motivating me. Now I am motivating my wife Sunita for civil service. I was also a constable, That's why I know his pain. "
                                                                          Vijay Gurjar, IPS

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