Police Sub Inspector Training Schedule | Sub Inspector Outdoor and Indoor Training Schedule | Sub Inspector Physical Training Schedule

Police Sub Inspector Training Schedule | Sub Inspector Outdoor and Indoor Training Schedule | Sub Inspector Physical Training Schedule

The sub-inspector is a respective post in the public which serves in charge of the police station and in charge of police chowki. During the charge of the police station and police chowki, the sub-inspector directly interacts with the public. I have described in details the recruitment process of the sub-inspector previously so you can read it. UP Police SI selection process.

Briefly, I am going to tell you the recruitment or selection of process of sub-inspector. In UP Police, the sub-inspector recruitment is done through the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board. There are four stages of recruitment of sub-inspector, the first is written an exam, the second is document verification and physical test (DV-PST, the third is physical efficiency test and the last is a Medical examination and merit list. In this article, I am going to tell you the training schedule of sub-inspector.

Sub Inspector Training Schedule | Sub Inspector Outdoor and Indoor  Training schedule | Sub Inspector Physical Training Process

Police Sub Inspector Training Schedule

The training duration of the sub-inspector of police is 12 month. During the training, the sub-inspector cadets get the stipend, not get full salary. The training of Police sub-inspector includes outdoor and indoor. The aim of the training is to develop skills so that the cadets may serve the nation in the best way. The police duty is to be very complex in its nature, many types of job perform by the police as law and order, crime detection, crime investigation, crime control, crime prevention, VVIP duty, rioting duty, election duty, peace maintenance duty, accused arresting, court duty etc. Here I described to you a few but in reality, lots of duty have to perform the police.  Some may be categorized as follows-
  1. Prevention of Crime.
  2. Community Relationship
  3. Collection of Intelligence on Crime and criminal gangs, anti-social elements and extremists.
  4. Investigation of Crime.
  5. Maintenance of Law & Order.
  6. Large Scale Bundobast.
  7. Enforcement of Special and Local Laws.
  8. Security Duties.
  9. Traffic Regulation
There is no fixed time for the duty of the police, there should be very good training which can deliver a wide variety of skills, which could be utilised in their practical duties. The stress handling skills also are given in the training. Two types of work mainly being done by the police Sub-Inspector, the first is Law and Order and The second Is Investigation of crimes. Both works in Uttar Pradesh Police is mixed, means there is no separate hierarchy or sub-department for investigation. The Sub Inspector has to do both works simultaneously i.e. law and order and Investigation. The prestigious organization as Central Bureau of Investigation is a dedicated organisation for investigation as anti-corruption, special crime, economic crimes etc. but state police don't have such types of dedicated organisation wing. So accomplishing the above task, the training of sub-inspectors should be very skilful In relation to laws, stress management, physical fitness, drill etc.
The Police Sub Inspector training may be categorized into two parts-
1. Outdoor
2. Indoor
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1-Outdoor Training of SI cadets: 

On the outdoor training-module stresses the advancement of stamina, perseverance and certain handy abilities including unarmed battle and weapon Training and so forth required for the Sub-inspector amid the release of their obligations. Another target of the Out Door Training will be to instil in Cadets propensity for undertaking physical exercise on general premise to create the capacity to withstand strain and Stress of police working. To break the tedium, recreations like b-ball, football, hockey and so forth. is accommodated which likewise upgrade the stamina of the Cadets. The hopeful will likewise be offered the chance to learn singular diversions like badminton, yard tennis and so forth. The preparation for unarmed battle and self-protection procedures has been accommodated to mix aptitude in learners for self-preservation. A few periods have additionally been reserved for Yoga/Meditation as a major aspect of preparing for pressure administration.

The outdoor training includes PT, Parade, drills, sports, swimming,  weapons, fatigues etc. In the morning the outdoor training starts at 5.00 a.m and there to be three periods, each period to be 40 minutes and there to be an interval of 15 minutes. The one period for PT and rest two for drills like squad formation, line formation, savdhan-vishram, khuli line chal, Dimi chal, tej chal and lots of drills trained by Indoor Training Instructor(ITI) and the PTI (Physical Training Instructor) trained physical aspects of training.
In the evening time, the two periods are done, one may be drill or PT and another may be for yoga or sports. The main emphasis is on sports at evening time.

OUTDOOR Activities of SI Cadets:

  • Physical training and U.A.C
  • Drill
  • Crowd control
  • Equestrian training
  • Fieldcraft and tactics
  • Bomb disposal and explosives
  • Musketry practical, simulator and range course
  • Driving and maintenance of motorcycle and L.M.V
  • Weapons training and maintenance
  • First aid training
  • Swimming
  • Games and sports
  • Yoga

Indoor training of SI cadets:

The indoor training include the study for various laws like Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, Police drills manual, police rules and regulations, various acts like Dowry prohibition act, SC and ST act, Motor vehicle Act, prevention of corruption act etc. the main syllabus topics are based on followings-

INDOOR Activities Of SI Cadets:-

  • Constitution of India, Role and Organization of Police
  • Evidence act
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Criminal Procedural Law
  • Criminology & Crime Prevention
  • Investigation, Methods & Skills
  • Local & Special Laws
  • Human Resource Management in Police
  • Computer Application & IT
  • Peace, Security & Public Order, Road Safety and Traffic Management
  • Ethics and Integrity in Police
In the last of the training, the exam of Indoor and Outdoor conducts whoever pass both exams participate in final passing out parade (Kasam parade) those who do not pass both exams or fail both exams they will have to do additional training about 3 months. After the Passing Out parade the sub-inspector cadets go for practical training in posting district where the SI cadets learn police working or modus operandi, law and order duty, basic Investigation tips etc. During their practical training in the district police station, they are called under training sub-inspector. This time is called a probation period of sub-inspector. The practical under training is done 06 months in rural area police station and 06 months for city police station. After completion of the entire practical under training as described above, he or she will be posted in Police station as sub-inspector.
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