CBI Sub-Inspector Training (Updated Schedule)

CBI Sub-Inspector Training (Updated Schedule)

CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details
CBI Academy Admin Block

CBI Sub-Inspector Training (Updated):- Congratulations! I assume if you are reading this article either you are recently selected for Sub-Inspector in CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)or you are passionate to join CBI in the upcoming future. in this article, I will tell you the Training schedule of Sub-Inspector in CBI.

    After recruitment (Sub-Inspector) in CBI, the candidates get joining letter from CBI, Head Office, New Delhi and the Candidates are sent directly to CBI Academy for training. The training period in CBI is about 32-33 weeks (as of 2019). All selected Candidates live compulsory in the on-campus hostel facility provided by the CBI academy. The on-campus hostel facility is free but you will have to pay for the food (i.e. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

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    In CBI Academy, there are two hostels, one is Officer Hostel for Gazetted rank police officers (Above DSP Rank) and another is training hostel for Non- Gazetted police officers (up to Inspector Rank). The candidates stay Training Hostel for undergoing training. the hostel has 54 AC rooms for Officers and 100 AC rooms for subordinate officers. Generally, one room is given to 02 trainees and it depends on the number of candidates whether they are given single room per candidate or 2 candidates per room.

    If any candidates have switched to CBI from any other central government department then they are entitled to get HRA as per rules. If any candidates have joined CBI as a fresh recruit then they are not entitled to get HRA in salary during the training period.
    The Complete Hostel has one mess, one recreation room, 2 pool tables, 1 snooker table, the facility of chess and carom & gym facility. The hostel has a hotel-like facility. All rooms have attached bathrooms and free air-conditioned facility in summers. Boys and girls live on the same floor but given preference on the hostel ground rooms.

    CBI Academy Facilities

    The CBI Academy is an institution which is spread in the 8-acre campus, located in Kamla Nehru Nagar, Hapur Nagar, Ghaziabad. The institution has a volleyball court, a big cricket ground, a football ground, a synthetic coated basketball court, one lawn tennis court, a swimming pool, one badminton court and one synthetic running track. There is only 11 such synthetic running track in the entire country. One of them is in CBI Academy, Ghaziabad. CBI Academy also conducts training courses for IPS officers, State police officers and some foreign delegates despite a regular course of SI training.

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details | CBI Academy Campus
    CBI Academy Campus

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details | CBI Academy synthetic running track
    CBI Academy synthetic running track

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details |  CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details  Gym facility at CBI Academy
    Gym facility at CBI Academy

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details | Volleyball court at CBI Academy
    Volleyball court at CBI Academy

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details | synthetic running track at CBI Academy
    Synthetic running track

    The academy is headed by DIG Training who is Director of CBI Academy supported by SP Training, SP (Admin) and other officers (DSPs, Inspectors & Sub-Inspectors, ASIs) & Officials (Const, HC).
    During the training period of CBI Sub-Inspectors recruits are called cadets. Physical training is given by the officials of the rank of constables/Head constables/ASIs. They are Outdoor trainers and should be given due respect. Cadets become Sub-Inspectors only after the successful completion of training.

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details

    CBI Sub-Inspector Training Schedule

    The Candidates have to shave daily (Exempted for Sikh candidates). There is a dress code for outdoor training i.e. PT, Parade, Drill. Training has a fixed routine and candidates have to follow it. The routine of training is as follows:

    Physical exercise (PT- Physical Training): 5:00 AM to 5:45 AM (in summer) & 6 AM TO 6:45 AM in winter.

    Physical Drill: 6:00 to 6:45 AM in summer & 7 AM to 7:45 AM in winter.

    Breakfast: 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM.

    Classes: start 9.00 or 9.30 AM till 13.30 PM
    Lunch Break: 13.30 PM to 14.30 PM,

    After Lunch: 14.30 PM start the classes to 17.15 PM (Tea Break 15.45 PM to 16.00 PM)

    Note - [1.15 hours for each lecture, in between 15 minutes break for tea and 1.5 hours break for lunch]

    Sports/ Games: Period: 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.
    Roll call: 8.00 PM (For counting of candidates and for announcing any instructions for the next day)

    Dinner: 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

    CBI Sub Inspector Training- Updated Complete details
    CBI Sub Inspector Training

    The Indoor & Outdoor Training schedule is followed for 5 days in a week. Saturday is a half-day for Classes and the rest of the day is to be used for some hard work like the swimming pool or cleaning the gardens. Sunday is a holiday for cadets.

    Cadets are generally given out passes on written/ oral permission for holiday but the cadets have to report before the roll call at 8 PM on Sunday. Candidates can visit the market outside CBI academy after getting out passes. In the evening, after the sports/ games at 6.30 PM, the cadets get permission for nearest markets outside CBI Academy Campus but they have to report before the roll call (at 8.00 pm).

    The swimming pool in the academy is open as per competent authority schedule yet swimming pool in the academy is open in the morning for boys and in the evening for girls. The swimming trainers in the pool are present to train the cadets in swimming. In the morning, the swimming pool opens for about an hour after one period of PT, Parade or the drill till breakfast.

    The structure of Training (Outdoor & Indoor Training)

    The structure of Training is as follows as in 2019:

    First 20 weeks – Phase 1 (outdoor & Indoor Training)
    1 week – Weapon Training
    1 week – Leave
    1 week – attachment with Ghaziabad police stations (rural and city police stations) (Practical training)
    1 week – attachment with Delhi police stations
    2 week – attachment with CBI Headquarters (For different-2 branches)
    6 weeks – Phase 2 of the training.
    Total: 32 weeks

    The training ends with the final exam. Every cadet must be passed in Indoor & Outdoor exams. If any cadets fail to clear an exam, he will have to undergo training again in the next batch. Generally every cadet does pass the Indoor & Outdoor training. 

    At the end of 32 weeks (after completion of training), an investiture ceremony is conducted in the academy where Director of CBI is the chief guest. The ceremony is attended by several senior officers & officials of CBI. The cadets have sworn an oath of Industry, Integrity and Impartiality (Motto of CBI) and they are announced Sub-Inspectors and those cadet topped the Indoor & outdoor training awarded Medals. 

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