UP SI 2016 Result dated 28-02-2019 Quashed by Honorable Double Bench of Allahabad High Court

UP SI 2016 Result dated 28-02-2019 Quashed by Honorable Double Bench of Allahabad High Court

UP SI Results which were declared on 28/2/2019 and against which 3000+ Sub Inspectors have joined and gone for training....The Results have been quashed and Police Recruitment Board has been directed to prepare fresh results and send the new Selected Candidates for Training.

UP SI 2016 Result dated 28-02-2019 Quashed by Honorable Double Bench of Allahabad High Court

The Division Bench which was constituted on directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court has directed the Police Recruitment Board to finalize the new merit list only among st those candidates who have cleared all the three Stages of Eligibility as under:-

(1)Those candidates who have secured minimum 50% marks in each section of Written Examination 
(2)DV/PST Document Verification/Physical Standard Test &
(3) Physical Efficiency Test -PET (Running).

The Hon'ble Court specifically directed to apply Normalization only for preparation of Merit ...The Board can not dilute Eligibility Criteria by applying Normalization process at initial stage of Written Examination which the Board has done in results declared dated 28/2/2019.

The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment & Promotion Board, Lucknow told the Media that as the Board will get the Copy of the Order, the legal opinion will be sought to the law department for further action. It seems from the Board that the Government will take the special appeal before the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

Hon'ble High Court Double Bench Original Written Order as under:-

1. "Having due regard to the facts and circumstances of the case and the provisions mandated by the Recruitment Rules, the writ petition is allowed by passing the following orders: 

i) the select list dated 28 February, 2019 is set aside and quashed; 

ii) the candidates having failed to obtain 50% marks (raw marks) in each subject are declared ineligible for recruitment/selection; 

iii) the Selection Board shall prepare the select list in order to merit on normalized score, derived by Standardized Equi-Percentile Method; 

iv) Selection Board to comply the order within six weeks from 

the date of filing of certified copy of this order and the selected candidates shall be sent for training." 

2. "On specific query, learned Additional Advocate General submits that all the petitioners herein who obtained 50% minimum marks (qualifying marks) were allowed to participate in the subsequent stages of selection i.e. physical standard test, document verification and physical efficiency test. It is, therefore, urged that the Selection Board would not be required to undertake any fresh exercise of selection/recruitment in preparation of the select list in order" 

to merit.

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1. UP SI 2016 में मा0 उच्च न्यायालय इलाहाबाद की Double Bench के Final Judgement 11 September 2019की खास बातें

2. UP SI 2016- मा0 उच्च न्यायालय इलाहाबाद के Final Judgement की विधिक परीक्षण कर फैसला लेगी सरकार

3. 11 September 2019 Honorable High Court Double Bench Written Order Analysis below-

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